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We are a multi-specialty facility who is committed to providing evidence-based treatment, excellence service, and patient centered care.

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In Pursuit of Health

We are committed to being the leading medical clinic in Texas, providing every guest with an experience that is unmatched every time.

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Scared, Anxious, Sad, or lost your way?

Help is waiting for you at Keturah Health!

What do you do when you have a physical health issue? You go to a health care provider because you need help with your wellbeing. You know that taking care of your physical health is essential. However, not many people understand that your mental health is just as important as your physical health!

So, whenever you feel worried about your mental wellness or that of a loved one, visiting a mental healthcare provider is important!

Need help? We are here for you at Keturah Health. Our objective is to restore your mental health and help you get back to your best self with a healed and healthy mind.

Mental Health Service in Fort Worth, TX

We at Keturah Health have an expert clinical team that provides you with personalized care for a wide range of conditions with compassion.

Services We Offer

We at Keturah Health have an expert clinical team that provides you with personalized care for a wide range of conditions with compassion. Our services include:

Mental Health Assessment

Psychological evaluations and assessments deal with varying mental health issues and help identify them. It is the first step towards your mental health journey as it diagnoses the problem. Our experts communicate with you in order to identify the issues, such as memory, cognitive and intellectual functioning, behavioral and emotional issues, attention problems, as well as interpersonal functioning.
Our holistic and professional approach to Psychiatric evaluations can help clarify diagnosis and treatment recommendations as well as provide a deeper understanding of underlying reasons for impairment.

Disorder Management

Our experts offer top-notch acute and chronic condition management to cover a broad range of professional activities, such as:

  • Patient evaluations or a comprehensive review of prescriptions and their possible interactions or side effects.
  • Prescribe and evaluate of the safety and effectiveness of prescription medication plans.
  • Provide directional or instruction-based compliance through patient awareness and education.
  • Initiate and evaluate short-term and long-term medication treatment plans.
  • Care coordination through documentation and communication between psychiatric clinicians and medical professionals to maintain a high standard of care.


We partner with qualified, experts, and experienced therapists are trained to help you in many areas of your life. Psychotherapist can:

  • Help you with self-awareness and self-exploration to discover a deeper understanding of your true emotions, feelings, or behavior.
  • Guide you to understand both healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns.
  • Study emotional blind spots.
  • Find coping mechanisms for stress or transitions in your life.
  • Help you work through conflicts and social issues.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer highly Personalized Care to suit you specifically.
  • Our staff includes Skilled and Experienced Therapists and healthcare providers.
  • We guarantee flexible schedules to meet your needs.
  • Short wait time for your appointment.
  • We offer confidential office or telehealth (phone/video) appointments available to fit your busy lifestyle.
  • We use high-quality, top-grade advanced equipment and facilities.
  • We integrate mind and body care.
Mental Health Service in Fort Worth, TX

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