Our Services

Psychiatric Evaluations

We at Keturah Health provide expert psychological evaluations and assessments to include psychological testing for personality and psychological adjustments, diagnostic evaluations, and much more. We also offer targeted and specialized assessment of various psychological symptoms that may include eating disorders, pain management, sleep issues, disability evaluations, and other medical and pre-surgery or pre-procedure evaluations.

Our facility comprises highly skilled, professional, and experienced psychiatrists who provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and medication management services. We understand that each patient is unique, has different objectives, and needs different attention. Therefore, we make sure to offer personalized care so that all our patients are healed the right way.

Our experts make sure to listen to our patients, combining our understanding of the individual with our medical understanding of psychiatric illness to reach accurate diagnoses and the best treatments tailored to each person.

Medication Management

At Keturah Health, we understand and value the role of psychiatric medication in the journey of mental wellness. Over time, we have seen it play a valuable, helpful role in the lives of many of our clients. Therefore, we have included medication management services into our comprehensive range of services in order to help our clients gain the maximum benefits of all prescribed medication.

We start our Medication management services with a comprehensive and thorough psychiatric evaluation. Based on your diagnosis, we then prescribe medication, if appropriate and desired. However, if you already have a diagnosis and are taking medications, we will talk with you about your mental health history, current medications, concerns, how the medication is working for you, and what effects the medication(s) are having on your daily life.

We ensure to adopt a holistic approach to treatment at Keturah Health. So, we may also include recommendations for other services, such as individual or group counseling, into your treatment plan. We do all this in close consultation with your healthcare provider or therapist, creating a well-rounded treatment plan.

Psychotherapy Services

Through our partnerships, we offer a wide range of psychotherapy services for everybody out there, including adults, children, couples, and families. Our comprehensive psychotherapy services involve assessment, diagnosis, and psychological treatment for varying psychological, social, and emotional difficulties.

Our experts at Keturah Health provide services for a variety of mental health conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • Depression
  • Mood swings and bad temper
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety and anxiety-related disorders, such as general anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, panic attacks, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, social anxiety, various phobias, and more.)
  • Trouble in adjusting to major life changes.
  • Eating disorders
  • Relationship issues – couple therapy, general interaction problems, parenting problems, intimacy and commitment issues, and more.
  • Childhood issues – separation anxiety, school problems, self-esteem issues, friendship issues, bullying problems, dealing with parental separation and divorce, wetting (enuresis), soiling (encopresis), and depression in different stages of childhood and teenage.
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Insomnia and Sleep disturbances
  • Loss, bereavement, and grief management
  • Self-esteem and confidence issues
  • ADD/ADHD (Non-Stimulants Prescribed)

Additional Services offered: Wound Care & Debridement

Our nurses and clinicians are certified in wound care and have in-depth experience from their years of practice in the industry. Systemic problems often impair wound healing, impaired healing, may herald systemic pathology. This and other services are aimed at taking a holistic approach to ensure proper healing of your open wounds. Debridement is an important part of wound healing. This procedure removes dead tissue, decrease risk of potential infections, and promote speedy healing.

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